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We now have two websites; Rufty's Chrismon Shop and Rufty's Christian Symbols. The Chrismon website consists of the original Chrismon Books and all necessary supplies for completing those patterns. The Christian Symbols website contains our Multi-Pattern and Single Pattern Kits.

The Christian Symbols website contains our Multi-Pattern and Single Pattern Kits.

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Rufty's Chrismon Shop

Rufty's Chrismon Shop was founded in the 1960's. We worked with Mrs. Francis Spencer as the supplier for the original Chrismon books. Rufty's was given the right by her to use the copyrighted name, Chrismons for our shop. We sell the four books and supplies needed to assemble the patterns and have produced a Supply Guide that may be purchased.

Rufty's Christian Symbols

In 2004 Rufty's Christian Symbols printed its first booklets. As of January, 2011 we have published and copyrighted dozens of booklets containing hundreds of patterns. Our Christian Symbols differ from the Chrismons in that they are sold in kit form. A kit consists of a single pattern or a multi pattern booklet and all needed supplies. All patterns are registered with the US Copyright Office. Our patterns will not be sold in completed form. They were created for the Christian Community as a Bible study for the fellowship in Christ.

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