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About Our PVC

15' Artificial Pre-lit Tree
St. Johns Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

7' Childrens Tree 2004
St. Johns Lutheran Church, Salisbury, NC

Our newest line of trees has what is called Polyethylene (PE). This new method provides the most life-like foliage ever seen. The crushing associated with Vinyl (PVC) is no longer an issue with the new PE tips. Our Perma-Lit line has chip controlled lights which have a rating of 5,000 hours. While these lights add approximately 30% to the cost of the tree, the durability and expected 10 year life span is attractive to many consumers. We contine to carry trees fitted with the 2,00 hour lights, which carry a rating that is twice the life of most trees seen in the industry.

Our trees are all hinged, using only Steel Brackets, insuring years of dependability.

Many inferior trees are of the drop-in branch variety, or are hinged with plastic brackets.

Lights are of the Best Quality. They are rated at 2,000 Hours and are Super Brite, 50 light sets.

Most lit trees seen today have bulbs with at best, a 1,000 Hour rating and are 100 light sets. These 100 light sets are much more difficult to trace down and correct a bad connection (more about correction of faulty lights, see below)

Our light sets are Hand Wired on, the trees are shaped-out and the lights are then wired to the tips. This method insures uniform spacing and the security that the sets will stay where they were placed.

Mass-market tree makers do not hand wire on the lights, but use cheap plastic clips that fall off leaving the consumer with the constant problem of replacement or worse, loss of the clips

A note about Faulty Light Sets: As we all know, lights can be a source of constant headaches. Even the most expensive, well-made light sets will from time to time cease to burn. This is due to the tiny copper filaments (at the bottom of each bulb) losing contact in the socket. All light sets, including the finest quality, have the bulbs placed in each socket by a factory worker. Many times these tiny filaments are not placed properly at the factory. Other problems occur during shipment or packaging. Bulbs may loose contact when the consumer packs the tree for storage. The result is frustration and a desire to just remove the string and replace it.

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem, the ELECTRONIC LIGHT STRING TESTER. This unit will locate either a short circuit, due to lost contact of a bulb filament or a blown fuse in the set’s plug. Simply plug the set into the tester and press the Red Button and a buzz will be heard at the exact location of the short circuit, either a bulb or the fuse! These testers may be purchased at this site (see price list).

And to preview our 17,000 sqft Christmas showroom visit Piedmont Floral Galleries

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